Balancing Effective SEO Strategies with Powerful Content

When it comes to the content you publish on your website, blog and on social media, the most effective approach is one that provides fresh, compelling information that is targeted to the right audiences. Developing a powerful SEO strategy for your content is critical to attracting readers, but it’s a fine balance between getting the right amount of attention from… Read more

The Best WordPress Plug-ins for Business

Are you ready to take your website to the next level with extra functionality? Wordpress plug-ins are easy to implement and offer the fastest way to add the functionality you need to get your business up and running or to expand your current services. While there are plenty of fantastic Wordpress plug-ins to choose from, we've narrowed down the list to… Read more

What Makes a Great Social Media Strategy Work?

Social media helps us reach potential customers in a highly targeted way and offers a reliable platform for getting those important messages out fast. To be successful with social media in business,  you need a highly focused social media strategy that promotes your message and generates a feeling of community. Including social media in your marketing strategy can be a huge… Read more

How to Write a Business Blog That Gets Noticed

Do you know how to write an effective business blog post? There are some fantastic benefits that come with publishing a great business blog, but one of the biggest is that it can lead to increased website traffic. By targeting the right types of visitors with content that is current and relevant, you can create a blog that gets noticed.  Ready… Read more

Simple Website Optimization Tips That Get Results

Search engine optimization has been through some big changes in the last year, and many business owners have found new and interesting challenges to overcome when promoting their website. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and other methods used to try and become #1 on Google. Today, it takes more to build and sustain an online audience. We’ve put together some of the easiest… Read more

FaceBook Vs Twitter: Which One is Right for Your Business?

Social media marketing offers some of the most effective and fastest ways of reaching your target customers. Facebook and Twitter are two of the most active social media communities in the world, and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages for business owners. When it comes to Facebook vs Twitter, do you know which one is right for your business? Facebook Business Pages: Spreading Your Message… Read more

SEO Tips: How to Optimize Images for the Internet

No matter what type of business you run, the images published on your website play a big role in increasing your site traffic. Using images in a website is tricky, as each file must be properly sized, formatted and tagged in order to be effective. It’s well worth the effort, however, as images that are correctly processed before being published… Read more

How to Build Websites That Sell

Do you ever wonder what makes some websites so popular, while others go unnoticed or are quickly forgotten after the initial visit? A great website does much more than attract visitors. The most effective websites convert those visits into actual sales and can help you develop a strong customer base. All it takes is some intelligent design skills, informative content… Read more

CRM Explained: What is the Purpose of Customer Relationship Management?

How well do you really know your customers, vendors, prospects and others who are involved with your business? If you aren’t using a CRM to manage these relationships, then your business is likely missing out on some valuable opportunities. While the early days of CRM focused on managing relationships with customers, today’s systems are much more complex. A well-designed CRM system… Read more

How to Increase Views on YouTube

Are you struggling to get more views on YouTube? Whether you are new to using video to market your business or have been struggling from the start with low viewership, it can be difficult to know exactly what will get people’s attention. Why You Should Be on YouTube According to YouTube’s site statistics, there are more than 3 billion videos viewed each… Read more

SEO or SEM: What’s Your Online Marketing Strategy?

When thinking about online marketing, it’s important to look at the big picture and consider what is right for your business.  One of the first questions that many business owners ask is whether they should be focusing their website marketing efforts on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or on Search Engine Marketing (SEM). When it comes to long-term success, effective online… Read more

3 Advantages of Responsive Web Design

In today’s digital age, more and more people are using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to access the internet. As more consumers are using these devices to shop for products and services, it’s important that businesses utilize responsive web design. With responsive web design, your website can reconfigure its content and images to fit the screen of any electronic… Read more

Seattle: An Artist’s Sanctuary

When out-of-towners think of Seattle, they may think of rain, hipsters, coffee, Microsoft or the Seattle Seahawks. What they may not know is Seattle is a premier destination for foodies, adventurers, and artists. One of the most visited destinations in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is home to 80 live music clubs, 15 symphony orchestras, and too many theater clubs to… Read more

Fixing Scaled Image Cutoff in Firefox with the “image-rendering” Property

You’re flying through your current project without even the slightest hiccup. Your new Retina-display-ready site logo is fantastic. Scale it down to 50% width and it looks great in Chrome. Then you open Firefox and see this disaster: No, the logo design isn’t the disaster we’re focusing on here   Why does this happen? My only theory is it’s just a bug in the… Read more

Chrome for Windows Smooths Out Jagged Fonts

UPDATE: As of Chrome version 37, this is now a standard feature. Web developers across the globe have long lamented the appearance of many fonts in Google Chrome on Windows. Jagged, fuzzy, and often just plain weird looking, the Windows version of Chrome has always had some trouble making text look good. This is due to a holdover from the Webkit days,… Read more

Testimonials – Do’s & Dont’s

Recently I've been thinking a lot about testimonials. Though simple enough to get, I've come to believe that there's a right way and a wrong way to do testimonials on the web. Most of my ideas are borrowed from others (in particular a book called "Guerrilla Marketing") but I've begun to own and to add to the principals. Below are… Read more

Responsive Grid Column Resets

Since the release of Bootstrap 3.0, developers have been able to take advantage of the framework's grid mixins to create their own custom grids. Semantically, this has its advantages as your code no longer needs to be cluttered the standard gird class names, such as .col-sm-8. Instead, you can now selectively target the elements you want to appear as a… Read more

Multi-Column Gravity Forms With CSS

There is no built-in way for the Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress to generate a true, multi-column form layout. However, this can easily be accomplished using a single filter hook and some accompanying CSS. Occasionally, the mockups I'm using to build a WordPress site call for a multi-column form. Natively, Gravity Forms doesn't support something likes this. Sure, they have what… Read more

Joomla vs WordPress vs Drupal, which CMS is Right for You?

Creating a successful website in today’s world has become increasingly difficult. In order for viewers to use your site you need to be visible, able capture their attention, and hold their interest. Fortunately, with the use of a content management systems (CMS), all three of these objectives can be made easier. A CMS is designed to simplify the process of… Read more

Great Software Design. Features, Usability & Pleasure

I can’t remember where I originally picked up this graphic (admittedly, it’s not my own) but its impact on my thinking only continues to grow. Essentially, software that we would label “great,” excels equally in three areas: Features Features are the bedrock of any great software and great software always solves real-world problems. In this post I’ll use the alarm clock as… Read more

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