How to Survive the Google Mobilegeddon Update

The number of users who rely on smartphones when browsing for websites and information online has grown dramatically in the last five years.  Google has taken note of this shift in how users access online data, working to refine mobile search results across the board. The latest Google Mobilegeddon update, delivered in April 2015, was designed to increase search engine credibility and… Read more

Understanding the New Google Cohorts Section

Google Analytics has added even more functionality to it’s powerful toolbox: the new Google Cohorts analysis.  The Cohorts Analytics Report gives Analytics users access to highly segmented customer data that comes from groups of users who share a common characteristic.  In this initial launch of the Cohorts section, Google allows users to create Cohorts based on Acquisition Date, or the… Read more

twitter + Google: What Does it Mean for Your Business?

The news about a twitter + Google partnership has many users wondering how it will affect their social media strategy.  While no one knows the exact details of this new friendship between the giants of search and social, we do know that Google now has real-time access to user's tweets.  Instead of simply crawling twitter for content and presenting older results,… Read more

Optimizing WordPress Themes for Business

WordPress is a reliable and highly effective content management system for business.  Responsible for websites that are easy to update, customize and expand, WordPress is currently in use by everyone from government entities and corporations, to small business owners and schools. When it comes to optimizing WordPress themes for business, there are some strategic moves you should be making to keep your… Read more

How to Market a Website Launch

For a new business website launch, the first thing you want to do is show off your fantastic new design and layout to current and prospective customers.  Having a website that has been fully tested and designed to meet your business requirements is just part of the equation.  To really get the most out of a new site, you need to… Read more

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Business Content

Are you doing everything you can to leverage your business content?  If you publish whitepapers, blog posts and other types of content that you want to leverage as marketing tools, it's important to know how to get the word out.  When it comes to getting the most out of your content, it’s all about how you distribute, promote and share the information. Share Everything… Read more

Popular Business Website Design Trends for 2015

Website design is always evolving to meet the changing needs of our technology and our surroundings.  So far in 2015, we are seeing some clear business website design trends that are changing the world of web development.  If you want to make sure that your business website is among those that get the most attention this year, then check out our… Read more

The Most Effective Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Increasing website traffic is a hot topic for business owners who are looking to get more clients interested in what they have to offer. There are endless ways you can promote your website and your business to a large online audience. Here are some of our favorite ideas for getting more traffic to your website. Provide Valuable Content One way to increase site traffic is to… Read more

Top 3 Reasons You Need WooCommerce

If you operate an online business, then you know the importance of choosing the best ecommerce application for your website. WooCommerce, a highly functional ecommerce plugin for Wordpress, is one option that has become increasingly popular among business owners. Free to use, easy to implement and even easier to manage, WooCommerce is a smart choice for companies that offer online business transactions… Read more

Tips for Planning a Website Redesign

Are you considering a website redesign this year? Revamping the design and content for your website is a great way to relaunch your services and to bring new attention to your business. Whether you are interested in adding new functionality like ecommerce and social media, or are focused more on developing a standout design, there are some things you can… Read more

How to Use Twitter for Business

A growing number of companies have added twitter to their digital marketing playbook.  Still a relatively new social media tool, twitter has developed into an incredibly effective marketing platform that allows business owners to instantly connect with a global audience. Having an active twitter account with a strong following provides an important competitive edge by giving you access to millions of… Read more

Private Family Trust Websites

Large families, and especially those with considerable wealth and assets, often run into challenges when trying to manage trust funds, store private documents and stay connected. Social networking sites like Facebook and family reunion websites offer basic functionality in terms of connecting family members through public updates and photos. However, these options typically lack the security and personalization that many people… Read more

Why You Need Google Analytics

One of the best things about Wordpress websites is that it's easy to add new functionality when you have the right plug-ins. Google Analytics is one plug-in that we recommend for all Wordpress sites. When it comes to tracking who is coming to your site, what pages are the most active and other valuable insights, it all comes down to having the… Read more

Balancing Effective SEO Strategies with Powerful Content

When it comes to the content you publish on your website, blog and on social media, the most effective approach is one that provides fresh, compelling information that is targeted to the right audiences. Developing a powerful SEO strategy for your content is critical to attracting readers, but it’s a fine balance between getting the right amount of attention from… Read more

The Best WordPress Plug-ins for Business

Are you ready to take your website to the next level with extra functionality? Wordpress plug-ins are easy to implement and offer the fastest way to add the functionality you need to get your business up and running or to expand your current services. While there are plenty of fantastic Wordpress plug-ins to choose from, we've narrowed down the list to… Read more

What Makes a Great Social Media Strategy Work?

Social media helps us reach potential customers in a highly targeted way and offers a reliable platform for getting those important messages out fast. To be successful with social media in business,  you need a highly focused social media strategy that promotes your message and generates a feeling of community. Including social media in your marketing strategy can be a huge… Read more

How to Write a Business Blog That Gets Noticed

Do you know how to write an effective business blog post? There are some fantastic benefits that come with publishing a great business blog, but one of the biggest is that it can lead to increased website traffic. By targeting the right types of visitors with content that is current and relevant, you can create a blog that gets noticed.  Ready… Read more

Simple Website Optimization Tips That Get Results

Search engine optimization has been through some big changes in the last year, and many business owners have found new and interesting challenges to overcome when promoting their website. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and other methods used to try and become #1 on Google. Today, it takes more to build and sustain an online audience. We’ve put together some of the easiest… Read more

FaceBook Vs Twitter: Which One is Right for Your Business?

Social media marketing offers some of the most effective and fastest ways of reaching your target customers. Facebook and Twitter are two of the most active social media communities in the world, and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages for business owners. When it comes to Facebook vs Twitter, do you know which one is right for your business? Facebook Business Pages: Spreading Your Message… Read more

SEO Tips: How to Optimize Images for the Internet

No matter what type of business you run, the images published on your website play a big role in increasing your site traffic. Using images in a website is tricky, as each file must be properly sized, formatted and tagged in order to be effective. It’s well worth the effort, however, as images that are correctly processed before being published… Read more

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