Scaling Your Marketing Efforts Through Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool for webmasters and SEOs alike. It allows out team to track the results of their efforts at any point in time, giving them insights on what works and what doesn’t. It can help pinpoint the weak links in an SEO strategy, especially when it comes to content. Analytics provides metrics like number of visits, average time on page, etc. that show how engaging a piece of content is.

We’ve posted an article on our blog that covers some of the basic features for analytics. Pictures in the article are nice in illustrating its power.

One of the best parts about Google analytics is that all of the basic features come free; all it takes is a Google account. We also install the analytics code on to your website. Analytics is the centerpiece of strategy refinement and accountability. After you’ve installed it, you’ll wonder how you ever ran a website without it.


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