Basic Philosophy

The way that we approach search engine optimization is simple. Create websites that have real value for your visitors. As you do that, we believe that search engines will see that value and bring your website higher in their listings. But this isn’t just our philosophy, it’s also Google’s, and as search engines get better at filtering websites using dirty tactics, websites with real value will only continue to prosper. Of course, there are other important goals in search engine optimization, but we believe this is the most important.

Strategy Details

  • Ensure metadata is being provided for keywords and descriptions
  • Ensure useful and keyword-rich titles are being used on individual pages
  • Ensure all pages have useful page headers (H1s especially)
  • Ensure images are using alt and title tags
  • Ensure location information is being strategically placed throughout your website
  • Ensure your webpages and blogs are accurately describing your products or services
  • Ensure code is properly formatted and website loads quickly
  • Ensure content is not hidden by JavaScript
  • Help with the development of content
  • Submit sitemap to Google
  • Install a WordPress blog (to drive content)
  • Install Google Analytics

Tracking your Progress

Not knowing how well your website is doing, can leave you feeling like you’re in the dark. Many website owners will pay good money for a beautiful design only to be clueless as to who is visiting their website and what they’re doing. Because of this, we encourage our clients to use Google analytics.

Google Analytics is super helpful for learning about who’s visiting your site, what they’re doing when they get there, how long they stay, when they leave, where they’re from and countless other metrics. Because knowledge is empowering, you’ll love this free service from Google.


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