Website Design Made Easy


Whether you’re a small shop or a large corporation, Jordan Crown is perfectly suited to provide all of your Seattle web design services.

We love developing WordPress websites and understand the importance of a well-designed, easily maintainable product. Think of your website as a virtual residence: Without an effective online presence many would-be clients aren’t able to find you. Our team will carefully assess your specific needs and create a custom website that accurately reflects your business and contributes to its success.

At Jordan Crown, we believe that by following the steps listed below, we can create beautiful, professional designs and enjoy the company of happy clients.

Know the Business

Before launching into the web design process, it’s necessary to identify your goals. What is the nature of your business? How will your customers use your website? What are your competitors doing? Where are your competitors located? A thorough understanding of your business will help us to create a website design that stands out among the masses.

Be Ahead of the Competition

In order to beat the competition, you have to know the competition. As a Seattle web design studio, we start by assessing local websites in your company’s field and branch out from there. What are other companies doing right? What does modern design in your industry look like? What search engine keywords are people using in your geographic area?

The truth is that there are droves of mediocre websites on the Internet, so a website that is content-rich, professional and search engine friendly goes a long way in beating the competition. Our goal is to help you do just that.

Follow the Process

Over the years, experience has taught us that following a certain pattern almost always guarantees success. We’re not talking about rigid protocol: we are talking about trusting a system that delivers. In general, we follow the following process:

  • Vision Casting – sit down with the client and establish goals
  • Requirements – established low-level and high-level necessities for the project
  • Wireframing – create pen or pencil artifacts or simple digital wireframes
  • Mockups – design as much of the website as possible before development starts (at this point usability testing is conducted if the project allows)
  • Development/Testing – assemble the website and do thorough testing
  • Deployment – publish the website on the Internet
  • Maintenance – ensure that the website runs smoothly and provide routine updates

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