Marketing | 01.21.2015

Balancing Effective SEO Strategies with Powerful Content

When it comes to the content you publish on your website, blog and on social media, the most effective approach is one that provides fresh, compelling information that is targeted to the right audiences. Developing a powerful SEO strategy for your content is critical to attracting readers, but it’s a fine balance between getting the right amount of attention from the search engines and providing authoritative, useful content. When you want the right combination of strategic keywords and quality content, there are some simple principles to follow for the best results.

Don’t Go Overboard with Keywords

In the past, websites could increase their rankings in the search engines through questionable practices that would increase visibility. Inserting certain keywords into content and repeating them over and over again, a practice known as keyword stuffing, helped many early websites enjoy higher search rankings. Things have changed, however, as today’s search algorithms require relevant, unique content to get noticed. Striking a balance between promoting your keywords in your content and providing relevant information is a critical part of effective SEO writing.

When performing keyword research, choose a small, focused set of words or phrases that accurately describe your business or website. Think about how your customers would search for services like yours and avoid using overly broad terms. Keeping your keywords and content specific and focused will help the right visitors find you.

Provide Helpful, Engaging Content

To get the most out of your keywords, create content around them that is engaging, helpful and easy to read. Providing compelling content that offers value and inspires customers to use your business helps draw the right visitors to your website, and it can also help encourage them to come back for more.

Through the use of SEO-optimized blog posts, website content and social media posts, you can leverage your website to find new customers, generate new leads and increase your business. Consider writing a series of helpful blog posts or whitepapers, or publish some interesting industry news on your website. By choosing your keywords carefully, avoiding keyword stuffing and providing great content, you’ll see a measurable increase site in visits and conversions.

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Finding the right balance between useful content and an effective SEO strategy is an essential part of success in today’s online marketplace. It’s also important to showcase your content in a great looking website. Interested in a new design for your business? Contact the pros at Jordan Crown to learn more.

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