Marketing | 03.11.2015

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Business Content

Are you doing everything you can to leverage your business content?  If you publish whitepapers, blog posts and other types of content that you want to leverage as marketing tools, it’s important to know how to get the word out.  When it comes to getting the most out of your content, it’s all about how you distribute, promote and share the information.

Share Everything on Social Media

One of the easiest ways to ensure a large reach with your content is to share everything on social media.  If you’ve got a new ebook, whitepaper or engaging blog post, share it with the world!  Try tweeting about it so that your followers can quickly access the content via a shortened link.  Share it on LinkedIn and Facebook, and include a link to the content in your Google+ profile.  Making sure you always promote your business content on the most popular social media channels is the best way to achieve a large reach.

Maintain a Publishing Schedule with Related Content

Another great way to draw others to your content is to build up interest with a series of related articles that help readers solve a common problem or that help to answer some common questions related to your industry.  This could include helpful how-to guides or in-depth analysis and reports related to your services.  Creating and sticking to a publishing schedule with this type of content can help generate interest in your content and your business, while also helping to drive potential customers to your brand.

Change Your Approach to Email Marketing

Email marketing is still an effective way to promote content, but since everyone is already dealing with overloaded inboxes and spam, it requires some careful thought and strategic planning.  The best email marketing today consists of high quality content that entices readers to open your message and learn more about your business.  Make sure that your email marketing campaigns stand out by creating highly targeted distribution lists, taking a creative approach to content and giving readers a reason to learn more about you.

In today’s busy online marketplace, it makes sense to do everything it takes to stand out in the crowd.  Publishing content that has an impact on customers and that makes them want to learn more about your business is a great way to leverage your online presence.  Leveraging all of the ways that you can promote business content can help you achieve some outstanding results.

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