Design | Marketing | 06.09.2015

How to Build Great Landing Pages

Landing pages continue to be an important tool for generating conversions in ecommerce.  Whether you want to increase newsletter membership, or want to promote specialized services to a targeted audience, an effective landing page can help you achieve impressive results.  Find out how to increase conversions with your landing pages by checking out our tips.

Utilize Responsive Design

With more smartphones and tablets being used to consume web content than ever before, landing page design had to adapt to a new type of user experience.  The most effective landing pages today follow a responsive design style, which offers the most seamless experience across all devices and platforms.  Utilizing a simple, clean style that provides a great experience, whether it’s being viewed on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, will increase your chances for success.



Include Images, Videos & Graphics

As with full websites, images, videos and attention-grabbing graphics have become incredibly important in landing page design.  Creating a powerful video or adding an eye-catching infographic can help draw readers in, instantly generating a connection between them and your message.  Tieing in these graphical elements with an emotional headline, some captivating content and customer testimonials are highly effective attention-grabbing techniques.

Increase Value with Adaptive Content

Adaptive landing pages can be used across multiple platforms, helping to generate traffic on a variety of channels.  A landing page can be easily published as a blog post and then promoted via a company’s social media accounts.  That same content can also be repurposed into a newsletter and sent out to subscribers or turned into an ebook.  Leveraging  your landing page content across many different mediums helps get the message out to an even broader audience and will maximize your investment in design work.

When done right, landing pages can be a powerful tool for your online business.  Utilizing a great design, adding compelling content and maximizing your exposure will help you get impressive results.

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