Marketing | 02.03.2015

How to Use Twitter for Business

A growing number of companies have added twitter to their digital marketing playbook.  Still a relatively new social media tool, twitter has developed into an incredibly effective marketing platform that allows business owners to instantly connect with a global audience. Having an active twitter account with a strong following provides an important competitive edge by giving you access to millions of users. If you want to know how to use twitter for business, read on for our helpful tips.

1. Keep tweets informative and relevant to the business

If you use twitter for business, consider creating an account that is used primarily for company news and insights and save the photos of your pets and vacations for your personal twitter feed. On twitter, you can easily create multiple accounts for home and work. Use your personal account to keep up with your favorite celebrities or to make comments about the big game.   Stick to your business account to promote your company or to talk about the industry. This helps keep your brand message concise, consistent and valuable to your followers, while also allowing you to express your fun side on social media.

2. Create a strong following with regular tweets

One of the things that makes twitter so appealing to users is that they get constant updates and up-to-the-second details about their favorite people, topics and companies. That makes it incredibly important to create tweets that are eye-catching and easy to read on a regular basis. Do some research on the best times of day and which days are the best for tweeting, and create a content publishing schedule. Doing most of the planning ahead of time and knowing what you will be tweeting about can be a big help in maintaining consistency. When your followers have a steady stream of insightful tweets from you, it will increase your chances of getting more retweets and enticing new visitors.

3. Always promote new content on twitter

Since the majority of today’s search engine rankings now come from quality content and not just meta information and keyword density, promoting new blog posts, published articles and other content can really boost your visibility. When promoting something new on twitter, always include a link to your site, along with some relevant hash tags and an impactful image. Generating enthusiasm for new content and targeting your tweets to certain audiences can be incredibly helpful in shaping a positive image for your business.

If you do it right, a well-drafted tweet can really help drive traffic to your site, while also helping to get your name out to a larger audience. Just be sure to choose your words carefully and limit your personal views and anecdotes when tweeting for business.

How has twitter helped your business? Share your story in the comments below. Interested in integrating your twitter feed into a new website design for your business? Jordan Crown designs responsive websites that are easily customized for integration with the latest social media applications. Contact us to learn more.