Marketing | 11.18.2014

How to Increase Views on YouTube

Are you struggling to get more views on YouTube? Whether you are new to using video to market your business or have been struggling from the start with low viewership, it can be difficult to know exactly what will get people’s attention.

Why You Should Be on YouTube

According to YouTube’s site statistics, there are more than 3 billion videos viewed each day on the site, not to mention more than 1 billion unique visitors to the site each month. Many users link their accounts and share the videos they watch on other social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter. When you look at the whole picture, it’s easy to see that a well done YouTube video has the ability to reach a huge audience.

Tips for Getting Your Videos Noticed

YouTube is one of the easiest ways to get your message out to a large audience. By taking the time to thoughtfully publish your ideas and create content that users are really interested in, you can positively engage your customers and start building a strong community around your business.

Doing small things like responding to comments or encouraging others to comment within your videos can have big impact, but it takes more than that to get noticed. Below are some helpful tips for making sure your videos are getting the exposure they deserve.

1. Take advantage of the description, tags and headline fields.

Just as with any good website, YouTube videos need to be properly formatted and tagged with helpful meta information to help them get to the right audience. To make your videos easier to find, always include an accurate and detailed video description and use headlines that are both attention grabbing and descriptive. Always include several different keywords or tags that best apply to your content when submitting a new video. That way, when someone searches for content that includes some of those tags, your videos will show up higher in the search results.

2. Create a consistent voice and use annotations within videos.

When producing your own videos and writing the scripts, create a consistent voice that customers can relate to your brand and offer useful information within the clip itself. Using annotations in your videos can be highly effective at pointing out helpful tips within a video and at directing users to your website or other videos. Adding this layer of interactivity can really help draw viewers in and keep them interested.

3. Keep it simple and predictable!

One of the easiest ways to develop a loyal audience following on YouTube is to set up a release schedule for yourself that includes a list of all upcoming videos to be published. Following a consistent publishing schedule really helps attract viewers, as it keeps the content and your brand relevant and helps encourage repeat visitors to your community. It’s also helpful to keep the same overall format and title structures within the videos as well, as this helps to solidify your branding for viewers. Once viewers realize that you are a regular contributor of useful, high quality content, they’ll be much more likely to check out what you’ve got to say on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that it can take time to increase your views on YouTube, but by creating high quality, helpful videos and developing a consistent video publishing plan, you can get some pretty impressive results for your business. What steps have you taken to get more viewers on YouTube?

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