Marketing | 01.07.2015

What Makes a Great Social Media Strategy Work?

Social media helps us reach potential customers in a highly targeted way and offers a reliable platform for getting those important messages out fast. To be successful with social media in business,  you need a highly focused social media strategy that promotes your message and generates a feeling of community. Including social media in your marketing strategy can be a huge win for your business, but only if it’s executed correctly. We’ve identified the top characteristics of successful social media strategies that can help your business grow.

Simple, Consistent & Focused Social Media Strategy Always Wins

Social media is still a relatively new way of marketing to customers, but there are some important best practices  that can help business owners best leverage this powerful platform. A key element to any successful social media strategy is to provide easy to digest information that is specifically tailored for your target customer. Just as with print marketing and digital advertising, your social media campaigns need to provide enough content to generate interest in your product or services, while also providing helpful information.

No matter which social media platforms you use, keep the publishing schedule consistent to attract and maintain a strong audience. Users like to see new content on a regular basis – not just a few random messages throughout the year. Social media campaign managers typically rely on publishing calendars that contain the dates of when new content will be published and where. This can be easily aligned with your internal marketing campaigns for new products, new store launches or other big events in your business for maximum impact.

Grow Your User Base with an Effective Social Media Strategy

For the first time in the history of digital marketing, we can now quickly grow a larger user base organically, simply by posting a few relevant tweets or starting a lively discussion on Facebook. The best social media strategies leverage this powerful way of finding customers and use it to their advantage. Using social media to create a strong community can help draw an even larger pool of visitors to your site. With the right strategy, it can be easy to grow an online community with just a few great posts.

What’s Your Strategy?

When creating a social media strategy, don’t forget that it’s not all about posting news and helpful tips about your industry. The most successful strategies are consistent and easy to manage.  When implemented correctly, a successful social media strategy will have a strong impact on the business.

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