Marketing | 01.30.2015

Why You Need Google Analytics

One of the best things about WordPress websites is that it’s easy to add new functionality when you have the right plug-ins. Google Analytics is one plug-in that we recommend for all WordPress sites. When it comes to tracking who is coming to your site, what pages are the most active and other valuable insights, it all comes down to having the ability to capture the right data.  With Google Analytics, you can easily access the tracking information you need to make more informed decisions about your site content, improve overall functionality and adapt your user interface to meet the needs of your visitors.

Why Business Owners Need Google Analytics

Having a great analytics tool for your website takes the mystery out of who your visitors really are and helps you stay focused on providing the best user experience.  The most successful websites, including those with the highest conversion rates and the most site traffic, all have one thing in common: they pay careful attention to who their visitors are and what they do on their website.

Having a clear understanding of how visitors enter your site, how long they stick around, and what percentage leaves after viewing the first page is invaluable when it comes to smart web design. Using Google Analytics can help you best leverage every aspect of your WordPress site, making it easy to provide the best user experience and to attract the right types of visitors.

Easily Access the Most Important User Information

Since Google Analytics is installed as a plug-in with your existing WordPress site using a Google account, the interface can be accessed right from your WordPress Dashboard or through the Google Analytics website. Once implemented, site owners have access to a wide variety of data points that reveal the patterns and habits of potential and current customers. This type of data makes it easy to see what areas of your website are working in terms of design, content and usability, and which areas could use some work. It also simplifies your overall marketing efforts and makes it easy track your success.

Make the Most Out of Your Data

The data you can pull from Google Analytics about your website can help you track and shape your sales goals, make more informed decisions about your marketing efforts and help shape your overall ecommerce strategy. Using this invaluable tracking and reporting tool will help you get the most out of your WordPress website. How has Google Analytics helped your business? Share your comments below!

Find Out How

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