Development | 06.18.2015

Optimizing WooCommerce: Tips for Business Owners

WooCommerce is a popular ecommerce plugin that can transform any WordPress site into a thriving, powerful online store.  If you’ve got some great inventory to show off and want to offer online payments, helpful customer support and other functionality, implementing WooCommerce is a smart way to go.  Here are some helpful hints for getting the most out of your WooCommerce store.

Focus on the Products

There are some outstanding tools out there that make it easy to really showcase your products online.   High quality, multi-functional images that show off your inventory can have a big impact on how customers view your business.  Take advantage of some of the latest advanced imaging features, such as 360 degree views, zoom in and out functionality, live modelling and more for product images that stand out from the competition.  While high quality images are a must, it’s also important to be aware of your image sizing.  Compressing images and avoiding the overuse of large images will help keep your site running smoothly for shoppers.

Increase User Engagement

To really maximize the impact of your WooCommerce store, involve customers in conversations about your products through the use of product reviews and help desk forums.  This type of content doesn’t just benefit your rankings in the search engines from an SEO point of view, but it’s also a great way for customers to interact with you and engage with your brand.  When you’ve got positive reviews of your products prominently posted for customers to see or a strong help forum with an active user community, it can have a big impact on conversions.

Provide the BEST Customer Service

In the world of ecommerce, it’s just as important to provide excellent customer service as it is to offer the types of products or services that shoppers are looking for.  Make your WooCommerce store stand out by implementing online customer support plug-ins that make it easy for customers to ask a question or voice a concern.  Implementing an instant “chat now” or “contact us” button can go a long way in helping to establish a positive experience with customers.  This type of instant customer service also helps to make the shopping and purchasing process easier as well.  When you take the extra step to provide helpful assistance, shoppers will take notice.

With WooCommerce for WordPress, you can take any type of online store to the next level, with high quality product listings and incredible functionality designed to enhance the customer experience.  Take the time to optimize your WooCommerce store and with some careful planning and the right implementation, you can expect impressive results.

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