Marketing | 03.27.2015

Optimizing WordPress Themes for Business

WordPress is a reliable and highly effective content management system for business.  Responsible for websites that are easy to update, customize and expand, WordPress is currently in use by everyone from government entities and corporations, to small business owners and schools.

When it comes to optimizing WordPress themes for business, there are some strategic moves you should be making to keep your website relevant.  To take advantage of everything that WordPress has to offer, you need to optimize your site to attract the right types of visitors.  Here are some of our favorite tips for optimizing any WordPress site.

Get Noticed Locally

When choosing target keywords and creating content for your WordPress website, take advantage of targeting your local market.  If your business specializes in services or products that are distributed in a certain city or county, make sure to include those locations in key phrases throughout your pages, posts and in your meta data.  Being too generic and choosing keywords that are too popular will make it impossible for your site to compete, so try to be as specific as possible for the best results.


Check out one of the many SEO plugins for WordPress, such as Yoast or Jetpack.  These make it easy to customize all of the meta data within your site, including all image tags, page titles, meta descriptions and keywords.  Make sure that anything that is published on your site, from video clips to blog posts, is optimized with your chosen keywords and company information for the best results.

Stay on Top of SEO Efforts and Site Stats

To make sure your pages are getting a positive amount of traffic, check your site statistics regularly using a plugin like Google Analytics or the built-in WordPress site statistics tool.  Look for pages that aren’t generating as much traffic and try optimizing them for better results.  Also, look for pages that are no longer in use, as overloading your WordPress site with unused pages and images can dramatically impact load times.

Start Optimizing Today

Properly managing a WordPress theme by taking a consistent approach with content optimization, analytics tracking and of every other opportunity for exposure makes it easy to achieve some impressive results.  It all comes down to getting the most out of your WordPress business site.  What are your favorite tips for optimizing WordPress business sites?  Share your comments below!

Are you looking for a fully optimized website for your business?  Contact Jordan Crown to learn more about using WordPress to create responsive, powerful websites that get results.