Design | 02.02.2015

Private Family Trust Websites

Large families, and especially those with considerable wealth and assets, often run into challenges when trying to manage trust funds, store private documents and stay connected. Social networking sites like Facebook and family reunion websites offer basic functionality in terms of connecting family members through public updates and photos. However, these options typically lack the security and personalization that many people need when looking for a family website.

When it comes to managing important financial details while also maintaining strong social connections, a private and customizable family trust website is one alternative that could work for you.

Why Choose a Private Family Trust Website?

Designed specifically for those who manage large family trusts and other important family information, private family websites make it easy to store important family documents, organize important events and share photos.  For those who are managing a family business, organizing a large estate or administering a family trust, a private family website is essential to staying on top of the most important information.  By integrating critical aspects of financial and business matters with opportunities for social connections, family members can get everything they need with they own private user-based login.

What Makes a Customized Family Website Better?

The difference between a family website dedicated to social networking and photo sharing and one that is designed for managing important family documents comes down to privacy and ease of use. While there are plenty of free family site options out there, only a customized family trust website has features like role-based logins, an interactive family tree and document storage. Plus, there’s never any advertising and you never have to worry about privacy when using your account.

Additional features:

  • Pre-defined user roles for increased privacy (admin, power user, visitor)
  • Document storage for trusts, wills & other legal documents
  • Easy to use family blogs, photo galleries and calendars
  • Customized, attractive template just for your family

Get started today!

Have you been put in charge of managing your family’s financial and social activities and are looking for a new solution? Jordan Crown designs, develops and implements family trust websites that are customized specifically for your needs. Interested in learning about an online solution for storing your family’s private documents, photos and other valuable information? Contact us to learn more.