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Seattle: An Artist’s Sanctuary

When out-of-towners think of Seattle, they may think of rain, hipsters, coffee, Microsoft or the Seattle Seahawks. What they may not know is Seattle is a premier destination for foodies, adventurers, and artists. One of the most visited destinations in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is home to 80 live music clubs, 15 symphony orchestras, and too many theater clubs to name. Here you’ll find 200 art galleries, five world-class art museums, and countless public art displays throughout the city. It’s no wonder the city has been listed on American Style’s Top 25 Art Destinations several times. In Seattle and its surrounding towns, you’ll experience a unique culture like nowhere else.

Seattle is a hub for visual art. The city and its surrounding areas have produced many renowned glass artists, painters, and sculptors. In Seattle you can find a variety of art forms from textiles to new media to photography. The city is often referred to as the glass capital of the world. The infamous glass sculptor Dale Chihuly helped found the Pilchuck Glass School in Standwood in 1971. The institution is one of the greatest educational facilities in the world for glass artists. Over 40 years after its founding, Seattle has the most glass artists in the world. Today you can find the Tacoma native’s work displayed in public places all around Seattle.

All of these varying art forms can be found on display at the Seattle Art Museum. Here you’ll find contemporary and historical pieces as well as Native American, Asian and European artwork. The museum has local, national and international artists on display. Other famous art exhibits in the city are displayed at the Seattle Asian Art Museum, Frye Art Museum, Henry Art Gallery and Olympic Sculpture Park. In the Pioneer Square neighborhood, you’ll find the highest concentration of galleries in the whole city. On the first Thursday of each month the art galleries here host an Art Walk Night when they share their newest artists and exhibits with the public.

The town of Bellevue, Seattle’s largest suburb, also draws large crowds of artists and enthusiasts. Here the public can enjoy many art studios, galleries and museums, such as the Bellevue Arts Museum. The museum hosts the annual Bellevue Arts and Crafts Fair, which attracts over 320,000 visitors. The public can also venture downtown to view 130 art pieces on display. In addition to being a leading destination for traditional art forms, web design has also nestled itself into Seattle’s art scene. Like traditional art forms, web design in Bellevue uses creative pictures to communicate a message, theme or emotion.

Regardless of the art form, Seattle is clearly an artist’s sanctuary. Whether you enjoy glass art, paintings or web design, Seattle is the best place to be.

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