Marketing | 04.12.2015

Understanding the New Google Cohorts Section

Google Analytics has added even more functionality to it’s powerful toolbox: the new Google Cohorts analysis.  The Cohorts Analytics Report gives Analytics users access to highly segmented customer data that comes from groups of users who share a common characteristic.  In this initial launch of the Cohorts section, Google allows users to create Cohorts based on Acquisition Date, or the date that the user first visited the site.  By isolating users in this way, you can better analyze cohort behavior and use it as a predictor for future marketing campaign efforts.

Cohort Data Analysis Enables Smarter Decisions

Cohort data analytics is nothing new, but this is the first time that it’s been easily accessible in a tool like Google Analytics.  Having quick access to Cohort data in Google Analytics makes it easy to create a highly segmented view that can be tracked over time.  This type of data can be incredibly helpful when creating strategies for short term marketing efforts, including one-day email campaigns.  By comparing the behavior of more than one group of similar members over time, you can devise more effective strategies.  For example, try running  a marketing email campaign three different ways, utilizing different social media channels and different messaging strategies in each one.  Comparing the performance of each attempt among the different Cohorts can provide invaluable user data when developing your next marketing strategy.

The new Cohort functionality also offers access to a large amount of valuable customer behavior data that you can’t access with the basic Analytics functionality.  In addition to having access to basic data about specific user groups, including the Cohort type, size, metric and date range, the new functionality allows users to run an even deeper analysis on each data point.  Once you create a Cohort in Google Analytics, you can also track the most important data metrics commonly used in site optimization, including conversion sessions per user and total pageviews per user.  By looking at the data, you can quickly identify trends and compare different approaches to your marketing efforts to see what works best.

How Will Cohorts Help Your Business?

Having access to Cohorts data will help business owners identify time-based trends and compare them among various groups of people who share very specific characteristics.  While incredibly helpful, Cohort data should not be the only thing you should look at when creating your next marketing strategy.  Instead, use it along with other data to help shape the smartest, most effective approach.  Getting the right data about your visitors will enable you to make more informed decisions about the business.

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