Marketing | 12.10.2014

How to Write a Business Blog That Gets Noticed

Do you know how to write an effective business blog post? There are some fantastic benefits that come with publishing a great business blog, but one of the biggest is that it can lead to increased website traffic. By targeting the right types of visitors with content that is current and relevant, you can create a blog that gets noticed.  Ready to get started?  Just follow our helpful steps below.

Step 1. Pick Your Topics

Publishing simple, yet informative blog posts on a regular schedule and promoting them on social media is a simple way to increase site visits and conversions.  When thinking about what to write on, start by considering your audience.  Give visitors something helpful to read and provide a reason for them to explore your website.  Try writing about new and interesting insights in your industry, details on new trends, or offer tips and advice that helps users solve a specific problem or complete a task.  Giving readers valuable information helps establish your authority on the topic.

Step 2. Create a Content Plan

The key to having a successful blog isn’t just having a big audience, you also need to provide content on a regular basis in order to keep readers coming back.  Even the most interesting blogs won’t maintain an audience if they don’t publish fresh content at least once a week.  To stay on top of your blog schedule, create a content plan that includes enough ideas for several weeks or even months of posts.  That way you’ll know what’s coming and can help ensure a consistent flow of new content for your readers.  If you aren’t confident in your writing skills or don’t have the time to manage a business blog, consider giving the work to an expert at your company or outsourcing the work to a writing professional.  Keeping up with high quality content is the key to developing a successful blog.

Step 3. Share Your Posts and Measure Your Success

Take advantage of all the ways you can share new content by promoting your posts on social media.  This is a highly effective strategy that can help your blog gain a large readership quickly.  Consider utilizing a program like Google Analytics to track how well your posts are doing each week.  Tracking how well your keywords are performing and seeing what isn’t working can help you aheive the highest level of optimization for every post.

When you take the time to create a blog that is useful, engaging and relevant, it can really help define your brand and increase traffic to your website.  How has blogging helped your business?  Please share your stories or favorite blogging tips for business below.

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