About the Organization

Orchard-Rite, based in Yakima, Washington operates two manufacturing and assembly plants. We had the honor of driving over to Eastern Washington to see their operations first-hand and how they pull off some pretty sweet production.

Key Objectives

Orchard-Rite was suffering from a dated website that didn’t reflect the quality and power of their machines. Our task was to bring their website up to today’s standard, remove their old flash navigation and put some power back into their marketing.

Project Requirements

  • Advanced international dealer search
  • Responsive design for mobile and tablet use
  • Powerful imagery to showcase their complex manufacturing
  • Customized contact forms
  • Blog/news section

Orchard-Rite produces 2 solutions, primary for the agricultural industry.


Wind Machines

If you ever travel to Eastern Washington, you’ll see these everywhere. Look for the red cap on top and you’ll be able to distinguish these machines from a standard windmill.

Wind Machines have one simple task:
Raise the temperature of the surrounding environment to save crops from dangerous cold weather. 


Tree Shakers

Yes, you read that correctly, Tree Shakers.

When we first starting learning about Orchard-Rite, these guys were pretty intriguing. In essence, these bad boys are tank-like vehicles that have one purpose:

Shake the tree and take no survivors. All those nuts have to come down.


Our Goal was to make Orchard Rite’s website reflective of their towering and international market share.






Working with Sean and Hailey from Orchard Rite was a great experience. Though we don’t always get to see out client’s place of business, when we do, it enriches the journey of working together. As we walked through Orchard Rite’s facilities, it brought to view how every part of the marketplace has unique solutions that bring strong economic value. We consider it an honor to have helped Orchard Rite take their online marketing to the next level.

For us, relationships and impact are what drive us forward.

A Word from Our Client

We are so very pleased with the website creation and development services provided by Jordan Crown. Their team was professional, timely and very easy to work with. Their blend of creative and technical talents resulted in the best website we’ve ever had. We simply couldn’t recommend Jordan Crown more highly.

Shawn Miller

 Visit Orchard-Rite.com

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