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Simplifying Behavioral Healthcare

About Compass Health

As one of northwest Washington’s behavioral healthcare leaders, Compass Health delivers mental health treatment, crisis prevention and intervention, and supportive housing services in order to build a better system of care.

Services Provided

  • Prototyping
  • Digital Strategy
  • Wireframes
  • Design Mockups
  • WordPress Development
01. The Challenge

Bringing Functionality from Past to Present

As a returning client, Compass Health came to us this time asking to revamp its site. After 5 years, it had out-paced its navigation which created confusing, often circuitous user flows. In addition to leveraging a new brand, Compass Health also renewed its understanding of key audiences, meaning some of the site content and structure didn’t match up with its current KPIs. Finally, the team also had concerns that users were literally getting lost – its location pages had grown unkempt and had no central point of management on the backend.

We wanted the ability to maintain the site without relying on the engineering team.

Andrew Olsen Compass Health
02. The Solution

Prioritizing Clients and KPIs

First, our team tackled the site’s information architecture to simplify user flows. We created a new submenu dedicated strictly to services where users could gain clarity about the acronym-heavy healthcare field by using hover states that reveal program definitions. This centralized access point also fulfilled Compass Health’s overarching goal of prioritizing clients and access to care.

Our research also pointed to the need for further streamlining of categories across the site as a whole in order to leverage content for specific audiences. With three equally important pillars: clients, community and healthcare professionals, we strategically built a menu that reflected these same user groups, ensuring content was highly searchable and easy to find and share. Now, potential lobbyists and donors are directed to the organization’s ongoing campaigns and projects, and healthcare professionals can find job benefits and open opportunities.

Localizing Locations

Finally, we tackled the admin problem of Compass Health’s sprawling and distinct locations. This posed a unique challenge because potential clients couldn’t just go to whatever location was closest to their house, users instead had to be routed to specific locations with programs that best fit their plan of care. This complexity meant our designs had to actually limit options and provide only the necessary information to get clients to the correct location. Additionally, instead of having to update location information across the site, we built a new custom post type that allows the Compass Health team to control all location information in one spot – a breeze for anyone adminning the site. 

03. The Results

Improved Access to Care

After launching the site, Compass Health and its users immediately noticed the impact of the improved design, as reflected in 154% increase in site visitors post launch with an increased engagement time of 30s per engaged user. Additionally, the improved site content has made the marketing team’s efforts more effective, driving an increase in users to newly created landing pages for their key audiences. Finally, the enhanced navigation has meant considerably more hours in the day for the Compass Health admin team.

Their customer service alone is incredible. Every single person I collaborated with was great to work with. I know they do other work for clients, but the team seemed invested in our project and wanted to see us succeed. I hoped the site would be successful, but it was a comfort to see an outside party just as invested in the success of the final product as we were.

Andrew Olson Compass Health
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