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About Compass Health

Compass Health is one of northwest Washington’s behavioral healthcare leaders. The organization delivers mental health treatment, crisis prevention and intervention and supportive housing services in order to build a better system of care.

Services Provided

  • Digital Strategy
  • Wireframes
  • Design Mockups
  • WordPress Development
01. The Challenge

An Outdated Site for a Growing Nonprofit

Compass Health assists over 22,000 people throughout northwest Washington, but its old site failed to establish a cohesive brand that communicated the range of its services. The outdated site not only made it difficult for users to find care, it also used rigid templates that prevented content creators from updating marketing efforts to reach new clients. Finally, the site’s third-party donation platform left Compass Health leadership in the dark on sustained outreach efforts, a missed opportunity for this rapidly growing nonprofit.

We’re a large company that’s been around for 115 years, and we wanted our site to reflect our history and the pride we take in the work we do.

Andrew Olson Compass Health
02. The Solution

Simplified Navigation and a Flexible CMS

One of the priorities for the Compass Health team was to decrease the stigma around seeking help, making it easier for clients to find care. Jordan Crown simplified the overall site structure while providing consistent access to key areas of the site, including the client portal, services provided, and clinic locations to ensure open access to information.

Jordan Crown also empowered Compass Health to drive forward their marketing efforts with a customizable CMS. Now, Compass Health teams can create blogs and move and shape content to better serve their clients.

Community members and other grant-writing entities are key stakeholders in Compass Health’s communications efforts. Providing flexibility in the site’s design for different kinds of messaging was just the first step in reaching these audiences. To grant more insight, Jordan Crown integrated the donation platform with the Compass Health site, providing the nonprofit with key context and data around their outreach efforts.

03. The Results

A Flexibile Site to Revamp Communications Efforts

After launching the site, the Compass Health team was pleased about the new backend flexibility, and were free to build a comprehensive messaging strategy to better connect their clients and the community to care.

With 120 years of experience, it was time to bring this storied organization into the modern age, and with Jordan Crown’s help, the improved site functionality and overall site design were the lynchpin in Compass Health’s increased presence online and within the communities it serves.

I know they do other work for clients, but the team seemed invested in our project and wanted to see us succeed.

Andrew Olson Communications Manager, Compass Health
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