Design | 06.09.2015

Top UI Trends in 2015: A Mid-Year Review

Website design has seen incredible changes in recent years, partially in response to new and improved consumer technologies, and powerful mobile platforms that are driving customer demand.  UI designers and developers now have to work even harder than before to stay ahead of rapidly changing technologies and an audience with increasingly demanding UI needs.  Here are some of the latest UI trends that have already had a significant impact on websites in 2015.

Scrolling Pages

Today’s online readers are increasingly consuming website content in a format that scrolls versus relying on a click-based navigation.  Designing  longer pages with impactful content is best, but pages shouldn’t be so long that they increase page load time.  This scrolling page layout trend will continue to evolve as more and more users start relying on tablets and smartphones for shopping, reading and entertainment.  Designing scrolling pages requires some careful thought and a well-executed design.  When the information is organized correctly, however, a website with scrolling content can be incredibly effective at engaging users.

Simple, Clean Interface

In order to provide a seamless, positive user experience, today’s websites should also focus on a clean design that loads quickly on all devices.  Gone are the days of banner ads and overloaded page templates.  In 2015, we’ve already seen that less is definitely more with UI design.  Simple, sans-serif fonts have also made a comeback, as more designers are utilizing clean, elegant fonts with minimal detail to tell their story.  To keep the look simple and organized, an effective site UI should also include simple action buttons and unassuming calls to action that don’t take away from the overall design.  Keep the interface easy to use and it will be easier for customers to find your services.

More Videos & Enhanced Images

Website designers are also taking advantage of the latest technology platforms to create effective, informative videos that blend in seamlessly with the website design.  The trend of using homepage videos to tell a company story and utilizing advanced digital photo technology for enhanced product images that rotate and increase in size will continue for the rest of 2015 and beyond.  As digital image technology continues to have a big impact on website design, utilizing high quality videos and functional images will help create a positive user experience, and will help make your site stand among the competition.

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