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Our Approach to WordPress Theme Development Services

With any platform, it takes time to build competence. Many agencies say that they know how to develop inside of WordPress, but what other systems do they use? Are they fragmented between 5-10 different platforms? Are they trying to do everything in order to get any new clients that will take them?

Honing In

Instead of spreading ourselves thin, we decided years ago that we wanted every project to create experience capital for us. If we could stick with one system, then each new project would create more and more competence and confidence with that system.

Well, that’s what we did, and the fruit of niching down has been marvelous. Below are some strong points that we bring to the table.

Our WordPress Distinctives

100+ premium & custom WordPress themes under our belt. When you work with us, you don’t need to worry about trial-and-error on our side. With each new WordPress website, our skills and collective knowledge get sharper and sharper.

A custom WordPress framework. As we continue to grow as experts in WordPress, we’ve created a micro-framework called “Crown” that extends WordPress’ default functionality… you’ll love the interface enhancements on the backend.

Scalability expertise. Just because a website looks nice, that doesn’t mean it’s built well. Instead of being novice, “plug and play” WordPress developers, we’re experts and can ensure that you have the appropriate data structures on the backend to scale without major problems.

WordPress specific hosting. After we build your website, we can host it on our WordPress specific host that includes enterprise-level security, automatic daily backups (with one-click restore) and a surplus of WordPress server optimizations for speed and reliability.

Why Go the Custom WordPress Theme Route?

You can find many pre-built themes on the market. These may appear to make site development and customization faster; however, you will usually find that’s not really the case.

Consider just a few of the problems with generic themes:

  • Inflexible: You need your website to support your unique business requirements. You may also need to change your site because of evolving business needs or new marketing data you have collected. You will find that prebuilt themes won’t give you the flexibility and ease of updates that you could require.
  • Cookie-cutter appearance: Even though some themes let you customize minor options — such as the colors, number of sidebars or ad placements — they will still mostly end up looking very similar. A custom WordPress theme will make your brand memorable and distinctive and not like thousands of cookie-cutter sites that populate the web.
  • Lack of features: Professional theme developers know how to utilize the dozens of powerful features that WordPress offers. Prebuilt themes have been developed to only use a small set of these tools to handle basic scenarios that the developers imagined. Prebuilt theme developers don’t know anything about your unique business, so they can’t design a theme to suit it.

“When we launched, we got a tremendous amount of positive feedback both internally and externally.”

Jordan Crown is a small firm with skilled employees, allowing them to provide personalized service and high-quality work. They communicated regularly and collaborated well with the in-house team. Users love the new site and say it looks and functions much better than the old one.

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