Success often Hinges on Planning and Foresight

Make sure your company is asking the right questions before you begin your journey.

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In order to get the right answer, you have to ask the right questions. The more we understand your business, your market, and your customer, the better we’ll do at creating a compelling website.

  • High-level Goals
  • Customer Profiles
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sales Process Considerations

Information Architecture

The right information in the right place. A solid content map will ensure that your visitors can locate what they’re looking for.

  • Site Map Creation
  • Naming and Labeling Schemes
  • Navigation Best Practices
  • Content Strategy

Powerful and Simple Messaging

Good content is born out of thoughtful planning and analysis. A consistent voice will keep your audience interested and engaged. Targeted content will nurture and sustain brand loyalty and excitement.

  • Brand Exploration & Key Messaging
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Creation

“We couldn’t be happier with the service we’ve received throughout the entire engagement.”

Their reliability, consistency, and commitment to excellence are comforting to us. Being able to have them as an extension of our team has revolutionized the way our organization works and raised the level of expectation for our other communications.

User Engagement

Utilize the ideal blend of clean, functional design elements and relevant content to make it easy for the right types of visitors to both find and engage with your brand.

  • Engaging Content
  • Social Media Integration
  • Lead Generation

Conversion Rate Optimization

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”. While that’s true, you can definitely encourage him to drink the water. With a well-optimized site, you’ll make it easy for your customers to buy products, download resources or request your services.

  • Conversion Tracking & Setup
  • Landing Page Architecture & Setup
  • Form Setup & Customization
  • Content Gating

Big Picture Analysis

What does a “win” look like for your organization? What will make your project a success and help you reach your marketing goals? We like taking a step back so we can ask the “whys” of business.

  • Long-term Vision Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Project Success Metrics

“Their team paid close attention to detail and showed an involved understanding of our requirements and goals.”

The website relaunch earned praise from clients and competitors. Jordan Crown provided a server that assisted in tracking prospective clients and improved outreach efforts. The team showed consistent communication and a clear understanding of the project goals throughout the engagement.

Why Your Company Needs Digital Strategy Services

So what’s the big deal? Can’t you just pay a web design agency some cash and get a website that “gets the job done”?. Well, yes, if getting the job done means you have a website that comes up when someone types in your URL. But if you’re looking for a website that actually achieves meaningful outcomes, it’s going to take a bit more strategy then just writing a check. Here are a few high-level reasons for your company to invest in digital strategy services:


  • Reason #1: You Have Blind Spots: The web is an ever-evolving machine. What worked even just a few years ago may very well be obsolete. A good agency will make you ask uncomfortable questions that challenge your plans and assumptions. Ask good questions and you make find that your initial strategy gets a revamp.
  • Reason #2: Clarity Comes from a Big Picture: Sometimes when you’re “in” something, it’s hard to get an objective view. Working with a credible web design agency on your digital strategy will help you step back and get a holistic picture. Whether it’s working with your team on high level messaging or even an in-depth competitive audit, looking closer at your company and your market will make sure you get the highest return from your new website.
  • Reason #3: Measure Twice, Cut Once: Better to take 25% longer working through your website plans than to go quickly and have something you’re not proud of. A prudent business understands that a solid strategy is like the foundation of a home. Get it right and you’ve got something you can work with. Get it wrong, and you may be looking for a new house.
  • Reason #4: Strategy Gives You an Edge: Let’s face it. Most businesses just want to get started on their project. After all, business plans and proposals don’t have the alluring pull of new website designs and hover effects. But this is your strength- you’re patient. Patient business who invest in digital strategy services win in the long-term.


Why Use Jordan Crown

So why should you use Jordan Crown for your digital strategy services? Here are a few, hopefully-compelling reasons.

  • Experience and Reputation: Not only have we worked with recognizable brands like T-Mobile, Scantron and Mutual Materials, but we also have a national reputation and we’re known as one of the top web design agencies in the US on Clutch.
  • Focus: About 5 years ago, we decided to really put walls around our business. Instead of saying “yes” on any project that would come our way, we decided to specialize exclusively on WordPress marketing sites. Sometimes this means we lose deals that we could otherwise win, but we’ve found the tradeoff of honed-in craftsmanship well worth it.
  • Joyfully Committed: When it comes to our clients and our work, we like to use the words “Joyfully Committed”. Committed, because we want to do right in everything we do. Joyful, because we want to have a ton of fun in the process. When you really focus on building a defined business it’s easy to find patterns. And when you find the patterns, you make the business better. When business is better and smoother, everyone wins.

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