Full-fidelity web design mockups let you see your site revamped.

As part of our custom website design process, Jordan Crown provides web design mockups for WordPress that will bring your plans to life.
Your website is your brand’s first impression for many customers. A web design mockup lets you see potential concepts before development begins so you can decide what design presents your brand in the best light.

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What Is a Web Design Mockup?

A web design mockup is a fully fleshed rendering of your website pre-development. A mockup lets you preview a design before it’s built, saving you time and hassle.

Web design companies create mockups that deliver the look and feel of a potential website design – right down to the colors, fonts, layouts, and functionalities. A designer may present you with several mockups at once so you can compare features. Or conversely, a designer may offer the same theme in different colors, so you can pick which colors/styles work best for your brand and target audience.

Mockups tend to be a conversation starter with web design rather than a proof of the final design. After sharing web design mockups, we dialogue about the efficacy of the prototypes, make changes and only move forward when you’ve green-lighted the design.

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Why Use Web Design Mockups for a Business Website?

There’s so much riding on the design of your website. If your site doesn’t appeal to your target audience, you will lose customers to competitors that have done a better job of targeting that audience. The last thing you want is to minimize the planning work completed for your project – if you do, you may end up with a website that you aren’t proud of. Isn’t that how life usually works?

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. – Benjamin Franklin

Web Design Mockups save time and money in the design process by letting you preview different designs and ideas before the company invests time in building your website. Without them, you may find yourself doing so much back-and-forth later on. Ultimately, you want to avoid feeling like you “settled” with the product you were given.

Mockups also bring website elements to life, which is important when your company’s website has complex features.

When you can envision the website fully, you can talk about its features and functionality with your web design company. At Jordan Crown, we contextualize web design mockups by providing helpful feedback and including design tips with our mockups. By reviewing feedback and discussing the design with our team, you can finalize many elements of the WordPress website design before we execute it.

This kind of methodology allows us to build your website the right way the first time. It’s a more cost-efficient web design process that gets your website noticed by your audience and boosts conversions.

“They take time to understand what your vision is,
and they deliver on their promises throughout the design process.”

Jordan Crown excelled at project management and creative collaboration. They were dedicated to learning the company’s culture throughout the development process and translated it into the site design so effectively that even competitors complimented it.

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At Jordan Crown, we build websites that connect brands to their target audiences. Through every stage of the design process, we focus on end users and how your WordPress website can best serve them. We work closely with all of our clients — from the planning stage to development, launch, and post-launch. We take on a select number of clients so we’re always available to meet your needs.

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